RLXOS utilizes the AppImages (opens in a new tab) to distribute user applications through the Application Market (opens in a new tab).

"AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on Linux without requiring superuser permissions for application installation."

RLXOS provides seamless integration for AppImages. Users can effortlessly install AppImages by dragging and dropping them into the ~/Applications folder.

Obtaining AppImages

While AppImages are available from sources like AppImageHub (opens in a new tab) or other application distributors, we strongly recommend users acquire AppImages directly from the Application Market (opens in a new tab).

Simply visit the website and download the .app or .AppImage file.

Installing AppImage

Upon accessing the File Manager, you'll notice a designated directory named Applications. To install an AppImage, simply copy and paste the file into this directory.

Removing AppImage

Removing an installed AppImage follows a similar process to installation. Delete the AppImage from the Applications directory.


If AppImage integration fails after dropping them into ~/Applications, first verify if appimaged is running:

Check its status using:

systemctl status appimaged --user

If the status isn't running in green, attempt to start it manually:

systemctl start appimaged --user

If the service fails to start and troubleshooting via logs proves inconclusive, please report the issue via Bug (opens in a new tab).