Flatpak serves as a software deployment and package management system on Linux, streamlining application distribution and execution. It creates self-contained containers bundling applications and their dependencies, ensuring they run seamlessly across various Linux distributions without affecting the host system.

Obtaining Flatpak Applications

For Flatpak applications, explore Flathub (opens in a new tab), a dedicated store housing flatpaks. You can acquire the flatpakref file or installation command from there.

Installation Process

Installing Flatpak is straightforward. Execute the provided commands from Flathub or utilize the flatpakref file for installation:

flatpak install appimage.flatpackref

Uninstallation Procedure

To uninstall Flatpak, identification of the application's ID is necessary. Use the command flatpak list to display all installed flatpaks along with their respective application IDs. Then, execute:

flatpak uninstall org.example.Application

This approach ensures proper removal of the specified Flatpak application.