Extensions are collections of components that layer up on the system roots to extend specific functionality of rlxos. For example, You want to host a webserver you may need LAMP or LEMP which are not provided in default installation and can't be installed manually as rlxos is immutable in nature. Or you want a different window manager or Development tools. RLXOS provides a solution to handle these types of requirement with preconfigured collections called extension that can be managed via sysroot.

Extensions vs Traditional Linux Packages.

Traditional Linux Packages mostly provide binary files for a specific software while expect dependencies to available or installed separately.

While Extensions are self-contained preconfigured collections of multiple softwares with its dependencies that are not available on the Standard rlxos runtime.

Manage Extensions via sysroot

$ sudo sysroot list will print all available extensions compatible for current deployment.

$ sudo sysroot install <extension-id> .... You can specify multiple extensions to install.

$ sudo sysroot remove <extensions-id> .... To remove installed extensions

Please note that you need to reboot your system for every transaction to deploy changes