rlxos GNU/Linux

(rlxos, pronounced as "R E L A X OS" or "R L X OS") is an independent effort to build a Safe, Secure, and Beginner-friendly distribution of GNU/Linux for users around the globe.

rlxos is available in 2 variants, each with 3 channels.


The variation in the working and management of the core components of rlxos defines its different variants.

  1. Secure: An Immutable variant of rlxos that uses libostree to manage and update the core of rlxos. The entire core is treated like a git repository, updating only the files changed during different releases. Please note that in immutable distributions, you cannot change the core components.

  2. Unlocked: A new variant of rlxos that operates and behaves like a traditional Linux distribution, using pkgupd as a package manager. PKGUPD allows users to quickly install and update core components. Please note that the unlocked variant, like any traditional distribution, is not specifically secured but provides users more control over the components.

Update Channels

Update channels define the frequency and stability of updates:

Channel Description Stability Frequency
Stable The default channel for stable releases Maximum Monthly
Staging Updates waiting for final verification before merging into stable Might have edge cases Weekly
Experimental Updates for beta testers and the development team to check changes on VM Unstable, might break the system Daily