Introduction to rlxos

What is rlxos ?

rlxos is an independent Linux distro that uses the concept of overlay filesystem to secure roots, just like the live boot work but rlxos store that cache on hard disk. Also our secondary focuses are
  • Portables Apps for user applications
  • PKGUPD - Our homegrown package manager
  • Bot - A rules based untrained chatbot

Overlay filesystem mechanism in rlxos

Overlayfs is a union mount filesystem implementation for Linux. It combines multiple different underlying mount points into one, resulting in single directory structure that contains underlying files and sub-directories from all sources.
Instead of Installing (or Extracting) system files into disk, rlxos uses system images, user cache and mount them on a layers one above other.
  • We are always on safe side, just need to remove the cache layer via initramfs (in debug mode)
  • We can store multiple caches for particular system image or even multiple system images sharing same cache.

PKGUPD - Package manager for rlxos

PKGUPD is our homegrown package manager which was developed to manage updates of packages (as name suggest PacKaGes UPdater Daemon) later because of its extensibility it is also used for developing the rlxos toolchain and then after 2110 it finally replace the appctl package manager for rlxos.
PKGUPD uses recipe files (YAML files containing information about packages) to compile, install, remove or upgrade packages.
Benefits of PKGUPD over others:
  • PKGUPD use simple, easy to read and write YAML files to compile packages, or even compile toolchain can be build using PKGUPD (we are using PKGUPD based toolchain).
  • Instead of hard coding the packaging and compiling functionality PKGUPD use modules that define the process and techniques of packaging and compiling. In simple language a single package manager can handle any package format whose module is available for PKGUPD.
  • PKGUPD provide "auto" module that automatically detect the famous build tools (like cmake, autoconf, meson etc).
  • PKGUPD ships with a lots of bugs unlike other package managers that do want are told to do, PKGUPD always try to do unexpected things. isn't that cool!

Portable Applications

A very cool concept by probono "Linux apps that run anywhere", download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered
rlxos ships with a homegrown inspection tool that inspect $HOME/Applications for app images, Just paste App Images in that directory and rlxos automatically detect and integrate it with system.

Bot - A rules based untrained chatbot

Bot is our homegrown rules based untrained chatbot, so that you can train it as per your requirements. Bot is designed to be as minimal and light on system as it can be, so that any hardware can take use of it.
Main aim behind "Bot" is not to make a chatbot the reply for your "what is time, will you marry me or How are you". Our aim is to provide an interface with which you can talk to your computer, train it to do some task when you say something similar.
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