Welcome to rlxos

An Independent, Immutable, Privacy-Oriented, Open-Source GNU/Linux Operating System

rlxOS is a unique and innovative GNU/Linux operating system that embodies several key principles, making it stand out from traditional distributions:


rlxOS is a fully independent operating system, meticulously built from the ground up. It does not rely on any existing GNU/Linux distribution, ensuring complete autonomy in its development and direction.


One of the remarkable features of rlxOS is its Immutable root filesystem. This means that everything under the /usr directory is set as read-only and cannot be modified by users or third-party applications. By protecting the /usr directory, rlxOS significantly enhances system security and stability. This approach ensures that system files remain unchanged, promoting a consistent and reliable user experience.

Privacy Oriented

rlxOS places a paramount emphasis on user privacy. Unlike many operating systems, it does not track or collect any personal data from users. Additionally, rlxOS is free from pre-installed trackers or telemetry, further safeguarding user privacy and ensuring a transparent computing environment.

Open Source

As a fully open-source distribution, rlxOS adheres to the principles of transparency and collaboration. The source code for the entire operating system is available to the public under the GPL-v3 licensing, fostering a vibrant community of developers and enthusiasts.

Rolling Releases

rlxOS embraces the concept of rolling updates or continuous delivery. Frequent updates are delivered to the system in the form of delta updates, following rigorous testing on the Experimental release. This approach ensures that users benefit from the latest features, security patches, and improvements without the need for disruptive version upgrades.

In summary, rlxOS represents a cutting-edge GNU/Linux distribution that prioritizes independence, security, privacy, and community collaboration through its unique approach to an Immutable, Privacy-Oriented, and Open-Source operating system with continuous updates.