PKGUPD System (Unlocked)

You might already be familiar with the PKGUPD system, which operates as a traditional package-based system akin to apt-like package managers.

PKGUPD provides a command-line interface for managing system component transactions, encompassing installation, upgrading, and uninstallation of components.


The update command is utilized to check and update outdated components currently installed in the system. New packages are installed to fulfill the sub-dependencies of existing packages if changes occur.

pkgupd update

Install, Remove

Perform the requested action on one or more components specified via component-id.

pkgupd install/remove <component-id...>

The search functionality allows users to explore components using specific term(s) in the component ID or description. The search is conducted solely within the remote package list.

pkgupd search <query>


The info command displays information about the component, including its dependencies and cache ID.

pkgupd info <component-id>

All Avaiable Options

PKGUPD is a system package manager for rlxos.
Perform system level package transcations like installation, upgradation and removal of packages.

 - install       Install package from repository
                  - installer.depends=<bool>   # Enable or disable dependency management
                  - force=<bool>               # Force installation of already installed package
                  - installer.triggers=<bool>  # Skip triggers during installation, also include user/group creation
                  - downloader.force=<bool>    # Force redownload of specified package

 - remove        Remove package from system
                  - system.packages=<list>    # Skip System packages for removal

 - sync          Sync local database from server repository
 - info          Display package information of specified package
 - search        Search package from repository
 - update        Update non-system packages of system
                  - system.packages=<list>    # Skip all system packages
                  - update.exclude=<list>    # Specify package to exclude from update

 - depends       List all the dependent packages required
                  - depends.all=<bool>    # List all dependent packages including already installed packages

 - trigger       Execute required triggers and create required users & groups
 - owner         Search the package who provide specified file.
 - build         Build the PKGUPD component from element file
 - cleanup       clean pkgupd cache including:
                  - package cache
                  - source files 
                  - recipe data
 - ignite        Project Build tool
 - cachefile     print the cache file name
 - autoremove    Cleanup unneeded packages from system

Exit Status:
  0 if OK
  1 if process failed.