Ostree System (Secure)

If you are utilizing the Ostree-based system of rlxos, your dedicated tool for managing system updates is updatectl.

Checking for Updates

Before applying updates, it is advisable to review the changelog. To check for updates using updatectl, execute the following command:

updatectl update --dry-run

Applying Updates

You have the option to directly update the system or review the changelog before applying updates.

updatectl update

Checking System Status

To view the system version, available rollback version, and installed extensions:

updatectl status

Switching Update Channels

By default, you are provided with the stable channel, which releases updates once a month after ensuring the stability of changes.

To switch update channels, use:

updatectl update --channel <arch>/os/<channel>

Execute the following command to view all available channels:

updatectl list --all

  1. Channels following the pattern <arch>/os/<channel> are base channels.
  2. Channels following the pattern <arch>/extensions/<id>/<channel> are extensions.

Adding Extensions

To include extensions on the base channel:

updatectl update --include <arch>/extensions/<id>/<channel>

Multiple extensions can be included simultaneously using the syntax: --include <ext1> --include <ext2>

To list available extensions:

updatectl list

Removing Extensions

To remove already installed extensions:

updatectl update --exclude <ext1> --exclude <ext2>

Please note that a system restart is required to implement transactions.