A free and opensource system installation tool
System Installation: rlxos boot-able media shipped with our homegrown system installer that automatically detect and do the installation with single click*.
System Installer uses partition label to detect the partitions for installation, like partition with label 'rlxos' is detected and used as root partition. 'EFI' for efi partition.
If system doesn't contain required partition with label then installer prompt gparted tool to create these partitions,
Welcome Screen
System Installer ask to you click "Continue" button but it's not there, it's a trick question. Press '>' button to continue (lol, its a bug dev. missed)
After you click 'Continue' Installer start detecting partitions and doing configurations, do ask prompt as to do for.
Installer prompt gparted to create a partition with label 'rlxos'
If Installer failed to detect any required partition then it prompt gparted to create one. Please check https://docs.rlxos.dev/installation-1/partitions for partition schemas
Once configurations done Installer ask for user confirmation, Please check the configurations correctly and Press yes button
And wait for success message (or error message to popup).
Good luck with the installation!
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