1. Activities Overview: Click on the "Activities" button (or press the "Super" key) to access the Activities Overview. Here, you can view your open windows, access the application grid, and search for applications and files.

  2. Top Bar: The top bar contains essential items like the application menu, system status menu, date and time, and the notification area.

  3. Dash: The Dash is the left sidebar in the Activities Overview, allowing quick access to favorite applications and activities.

  4. Application Grid: From the Activities Overview or Dash, click on the "Applications" button to view and launch installed applications.

  5. Workspaces: GNOME offers a virtual workspace feature, allowing you to organize your windows across multiple workspaces for improved productivity.


  1. Opening Applications: Click on the "Applications" button in the Dash to open the application grid. Scroll through the categories or use the search bar to find and launch applications.

  2. Window Management: Drag windows to the top of the screen to maximize, to the sides to snap, or press the "Super" key + arrow keys for quick window management.

  3. Switching Workspaces: Use the "Super" key + Page Up/Page Down or click on the workspaces in the Dash to switch between virtual workspaces.

  4. File Management: Access your files by clicking on "Files" in the Dash. Use the sidebar to navigate through directories and manage your files.

  5. Notifications: Click on the date and time in the top bar to access the notification area, where you'll find system notifications and other app alerts.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Super (Windows key): Opens the Activities Overview.
  • Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications.
  • Super + D: Show/hide desktop.
  • Super + L: Lock the screen.
  • Super + Arrow Keys: Snap windows to the sides or maximize/minimize.

With its clean and intuitive interface, rlxOS offers a seamless and user-friendly computing experience. Enjoy exploring the various features, managing your windows and workspaces, and using the handy keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow. Have a great time with rlxOS and feel free to explore more of its capabilities to suit your computing needs!