Initial Setup

When you boot rlxOS for the first time, the Initial Setup wizard will guide you through the essential steps to configure your system and personalize your user account. Follow these steps to get started:

Language Selection

  1. Select Language: Choose your preferred language from the list provided.

Keyboard Layout

  1. Select Keyboard Layout: Choose the keyboard layout that matches your keyboard.

  2. Test Keyboard: Optionally, you can test the keyboard layout to ensure it's working correctly.

Connect to Network

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi: If your computer is connected to Wi-Fi, select your network from the list and enter the password to connect.

Note: If you are using a wired connection, it will be automatically detected and connected.

Privacy and Location Settings

  1. Privacy Settings: Configure privacy options related to location services, connectivity, and online search.

User Account

  1. Create User Account: Enter your full name, username, and password to set up your user account.

  2. Automatic Login (Optional): Choose whether you want the system to log in automatically to your user account at startup.

Online Accounts

  1. Add Online Accounts (Optional): You can link your online accounts for services like Google, Microsoft, or others.

Date and Time

  1. Set Date and Time: Select your time zone, date, and time to ensure accurate system time.

Finalize Setup

  1. Confirm Settings: Click "Start Using rlxOS" or a similar button to complete the initial setup.


You have successfully completed the initial setup process for rlxOS using the Initial Setup wizard. Your system is now ready for you to explore and enjoy. Personalize your desktop, install software from the Software Center, and make the most of your rlxOS experience!