Bootable media

Bootable media is a CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or other removable media that enables you to run the agent without the help of an operating system.

Bootable media is required to configure rlxos into the hardware, So our first step is to prepare it. Method to prepare the bootable media depends on your current existing operating system. But before that we need the stable rlxos ISO (download-rlxos)

From GNU/Linux

or any Unix like system with dd tool

Its pretty simple in linux, just plug you usb and execute a command and wait for the success message.

    sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/rlxos.iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress oflag=sync

replace /path/to/rlxos.iso with rlxos ISO path and /dev/sdX with your USB device node

From Windows

It is preferred to use rufus a simple opensource GUI tool to create bootable usb download from here



Boot ModePartition SchemeTarget SystemMode