Once you are booted into the rlxos live media you will prompt to the System Installer that helps in the installation process.

Live user

Installation media allows you auto-login as liveuser to perform the installation. This account only reside in the installation media so no changes are saved into the installed system.
  • Default access password for liveuser is liveuser
  • liveuser is a member of adm for admin access.


  • Click 'Next' to Start the process, If you have not set up your disk you will prompt to the gparted. You should have a partition layout according to the one specified on the docs.
  • Once you are done with partitions you need to select the root partition of rlxos
Select Target Device
  • After that Installer performs the compatibility checkups.
Compatibality Checkup
  • You need to be 100% sure with the configurations before clicking 'Next' because after that there is no way back.
  • If things go right you will be asked to reboot the system after clicking 'Next'
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